TankBred is based in Princetown, Dartmoor. We are aquatic consultancy and retail specialists focusing on captive bred marine livestock and aquaponics. A major focus of our business is working towards a more sustainable future for the trade by improving captive breeding within the hobby.

None of our livestock will be wild caught meaning we can ensure there has been as little impact on wild stocks and environment as possible. Fish and shrimps will be 100% captive bred and our corals will all be cultivated; some by us and some by our carefully selected suppliers. This is something we are very passionate about. The aquatics trade has been our lives for many years and we believe for it to continue much work needs doing to help us all become more sustainable. 

Our show room will be used to present to you corals, fish, some invertebrates and plankton cultures, available to purchase onsite or online.

Our consultancy services are by appointment and we will be happy to discuss and arrange any of our services, ranging from fish health checks to full design and setup of a beautiful aquarium in your home or business.

Also on site off display is our breeding facility and dry goods store.

We have spent many years working in the trade starting as keen hobbyists, moving through related education including fish management, marine biology and sustainable aquaculture. Professionally in retail management, large reputable public aquariums, then pond and aquarium design, construction and maintenance. We have bred a variety of species, both freshwater and marine, and constantly strive to add to our knowledge base. Our aim is to put in the time and effort that these species deserve to make their availability to the trade much more sustainable, through their captive breeding. Thus ensuring the wild stocks are not depleted, ensuring the protection of the species both in its natural environment, and within the hobby, for generations to come.

By using our consultancy services and buying from our store you will be helping fund our research. We are not here to become rich! We are here to help you and the hobby wherever possible.