32mm PVC Aquarium Pipe Fittings For Aquarium Plumbing


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32mm PVC Aquarium Pipe Fittings For Aquarium Plumbing


We have a range of 32mm PVC Aquarium Pipe Fittings for aquarium plumbing. Please click on the “fitting” options tab to order the part you would like.

PVC pipe work is a great way of permanently plumbing your aquarium or pond. By using PVC aquarium plumbing parts you avoid the worry of using perishable flexible pipe. It is stronger and can withstand higher pressure and more extreme temperatures. PVC pipe can be used for Aquarium sump plumbing or entire system builds.

Aquarium plumbing parts

32mm PVC Aquarium Pipe Fittings Options;

32mm PVC 90 Degree Elbow

32mm PVC 45 Degree Elbow

32mm PVC Socket

32mm PVC Tee

32mm PVC Tank Connector

32mm PVC Valve

32mm PVC Union

32mm PVC End Cap

32mm PVC Pipe Clip


Top tips for aquarium PVC plumbing

  • Cut the PVC pipe as straight as possible – you want your pipe to sit flush within the fittings.
  • File any sharp edges and “shavings” away so that the cut is clean and flat.
  • Use small grain sandpaper to lightly scratch the pipe and fitting to increase the surface area for the glue.
  • Clean the PVC fitting and PVC pipe with acetone to ensure they are 100% clean.
  • Use a generous amount of glue to cover the pipe and fitting.
  • When you insert the pipe into the fitting twist slightly to help spread the glue.

If you require any other aquarium pipework help feel free to contact us for help.

Need a professional to plumb your aquarium or pond? We recommend Specialist Aquatic Solutions.

32mm pvc aquarium pipe fittings

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32mm PVC 90 Degree Elbow, 32mm PVC 45 Degree Elbow, 32mm PVC Socket, 32mm PVC Tee, 32mm PVC Tank Connector, 32mm PVC Valve, 32mm PVC Union, 32mm PVC End Cap, 32mm PVC Pipe Clip

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