Aquarium Bogwood/Driftwood Medium

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Aquarium Bogwood/Driftwood

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Aquarium bogwood, also know as driftwood is a great way to naturally enhance the appearance of your aquarium and offer shelter for your fish.

Bog Wood is naturally sourced aquarium decor. It is also known by names like Mangowood and Jati Wood, and sits nicely in your tropical or freshwater tank – as natural an aquarium ornament as you can possible hope for, each piece is unique. It allows you to create a natural and exotic setting in your freshwater aquarium.

Aquarium Bogwood/Driftwood Tips

The wood is a natural product, and whilst it will not harm fish like all wood it contains tannins which may colour the water. This is often referred to as “black water”. So before use, clean the wood in boiling water, and then let it soak for around 7 days. Boiling wood in water for 6-12 hours is a quick alternative to letting it sit soaking in water for weeks. But this is a very smelly and dirty process for most home aquarists.

If you still experience a taint in the aquarium water, use an activated carbon media to counteract the problem. Some though do not mind the look of black water and some fish will show better colours in these conditions.

Aquarium bogwood comes in all shapes and sizes, so every piece is unique. This way you can create the most authentic scene in your aquarium.

Approximate dimensions for this size is BBBBB (please note – this is real wood so all sizes and shapes are a guide only).

Bogwood Key Features:

  • Attractive natural wood
  • Treated for safety
  • Adds character to your aquarium
  • Individual piece’s will vary in shape

What is Bogwood?

Bogwood is wood preserved in a bog due to anaerobic conditions. Usually Aquarium bogwood is stained brown by organic matter (tannins) present in the bog.

Aquarium Driftwood is very similar. It is wood submerged in water for many weeks or years usually in a river, stream or pond. Apart from that, it is treated by aquarists as if it is bogwood.

  • Driftwood found by the seashore will be saturated with salt and is usually considered unsuitable for freshwater aquarium use unless a lengthy soaking and rinsing process is carried out to remove the salt.

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