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Blagdon Green Away Pond Treatment For Green Water In Ponds

Blagdon Green Away rapidly clears green water. Blagdon Green Away is a naturally safe treatment with great reviews specifically manufactured by experts at Blagdon and is designed to remove unsightly suspended unicellular algae which results in “pea soup” pond water. It is quick and easy to use and works by making the suspended green algae particles clump together to form larger, denser particles that will be removed my the filter.

The innovative solution will come in handy particularly during the warmer months of the year, when exposure to sunlight can accelerate this type of algae in pond water.

  • Green Away is not an algicide and so does not pose a threat to your pond’s ecological system
  • It is harmless to filters as well as all species of pond fish, plants and water-using wildlife

IMPORTANT! – Blagdon Green Away will work on all ponds BUT for best results it is very important to have good circulation and filtration. The circulation helps mix the treatments so that it works throughout the pond and the filtration removes the solid by product.

  • Rapidly clears green water removing unsightly suspended unicellular algae which results in “pea soup”.
  • Enhances mechanical filtration
  • Naturally safe and plant friendly
  • For use only as a pond treatment
  • Easy to administer to the water
  • Genuine Blagdon product
  • Enhances viewing pleasure
  • Allows plants and fish to thrive
  • Safe to use in ponds with mixed fish communities
  • Safe to use in all wildlife ponds

Blagdon Green Away Pond Treatment Instructions

  1. Calculate the ponds volume
  2. Shake the bottle well
  3. Remove dosage chamber cap and foil seal, squeeze bottle until the chamber is filled to the required level
  4. Add 1 x 25ml measure for every 500 litres (110 gals) of pond water. We recommend adding Green Away to a bucket of pond water and then distribute this evenly over the ponds surface
  5. This is a single dose treatment but it is safe to re-dose after 5 days if required, we recommend that the pond has a good level of aeration while adding any treatment

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250ml, 500ml, 1000ml (1l)

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