Captive Bred Tuxedo Urchin (Mespilia globulus)

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Captive Bred Tuxedo Urchin (Mespilia globulus)

We are overjoyed to be able to bring you captive bred tuxedo urchins.

To our knowledge, this is the first time in the UK captive bred tuxedo urchins have been offered for sale, we love them and think every tank should have one!

Tank bred captive bred clean up crew urchins

The Blue/Red Tuxedo Urchin

Also known as the Globe Urchin or pincushion Urchin, has five to ten broad-colored bands usually blue or black, with red, brown, or dark spines. This stunning combination, gives it the “formal” look and is where the name name “Tuxedo Urchin” comes from.

They are active in both daylight and night hours but cans sometimes be found hiding among the rocks, in crevices, or under corals.

Several urchins can be housed in the same aquarium if it is large enough to provide them with adequate food (algae) and shelter. They can be sensitive to copper-based medications and it will not tolerate high nitrate levels. Loss of spines is a sign of poor health, it is often due to poor water conditions. If you are suffering from lots of algae it is important to keep a close eye on you water quality by using good test kits such as the red sea test kits.

hair algae in marine tank

captive bred urchins for marine tanks

If algae levels are particularly low it is a good idea to supplement the diet with dried seaweed you can use a veggi clip to keep it in place and observe your tuxedo urchin and other aquarium inhabitants feeding.

These Urchin’s are famous for picking up small items around your aquarium so be sure to secure any small frags you have in your aquarium with a product such as fragsation. See what else people are saying about tuxedo urchins on reef central.

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Young Captive Bred Tuxedo Urchin < Baby urchin!



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