Cultured Red Bubble Tip Anemone

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UK Cultured Red Bubble Tip Anemone


Cultivated and grown here at TankBred these Cultured Red Bubble Tip Anemone’s are particularly hardy and will be a stunning addition to your aquarium and of course a safe home for your clownfish. Why buy cultivated? Wild anemones have a poor survival rate when being imported, they are a part of a very  important ecosystem and considering the ease of cultivation when kept correctly cultured anemones are a great choice.

Bubble Tip Anemone Care

Anemone’s are fully mobile. This means they can usually move where ever they want to. Whilst this is fascinating it can cause issues in our aquariums. They are able to sting which can cause irritation and damage to corals. They can also find themselves in some awkward and inconvenient locations on or near power heads. Of course you could be lucky, your anemone could be quite happy with the spot you chose to place it but these are things that are worth thinking about prior to making your order.

A few things to consider; anemones don’t like travelling on sand dedicating and area in your aquarium just for anemones is a good idea. You can do this by building a rock pile isolated from the main scape with moderate flow and light. Try to keep powerheads and pumps away from the area to reduce the chance of entanglement. As with all animals we keep, good stable water chemistry is important you should not consider an anemone until you are happy you achieved this.

Bubble Tip Anemone Feeding

Bubble tip anemones are a photosynthetic organism, this means they can generate a certain amount of energy from the lights on your tank. This is the reason good quality lights are important and without them and anemone isn’t for you. For best results you can supplement their diet with a range of foods such as mussel, prawn or a dedicated dry feed. If your really lucky your clown fish may feed your anemone for you!

FYI RBTA = Red Bubble tip anemone!

Cultured Red Bubble Tip Anemone for clownfish

large anemone for clownfish


Always dreamed of a stunning marine aquarium but don’t want the stress of setting it up and looking after it? Why no hire a professional!

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