Evolution Aqua Airtech Air Pump (All sizes)


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Evolution Aqua Airtech Air Pump’s

Evolution Aqua Aristech Air Complete Pumps are excellent quality and provide high performance for all fish keepers. The diaphragm pump is well engineered, robust and durable.

Pond air pumps are a great way to improve the health of you pond water. The complete kit contains everything you need to create a smooth connection and a vibrant stream of bubbles in your pond from the pump to airstones.

As well as being fully safe for outside use the evolution aqua air pumps are great for indoor use where high volumes of air are needed such as public aquariums, fish breeding set ups ect.

Evolution Aqua Airtech  Air Pump Sizes

The evolution aqua air pump’s are available in 5 different sizes each sizes represents to amount of air per a minute they can pump.

70 (complete kit), 75, 95, 130, 150

The Evolution Aqua Airtech Air Pump 70 Complete Kit includes:

  • Airtech 70pump
  • 4 Tap Manifold
  • 10 metres airline
  • 2 high quality airstones at 80mm x 30mm
  • Rubber elbow and clips (for when placed in fitted areas)


As the kit includes 2 air stones you can create a steady stream of bubbles to distribute oxygen around the pond and keep the water as fresh and healthy as possible.

The manifold included allows you to add multiple airlines directly to to the air pump for a high flow of bubble.


If you require more airlines to run from the air pump you can add more with airline valves.

For all other sizes add on can be purchased individually.


Using an air pump and stone will create movement within the pond which shares the oxygen in the water around more evenly. This creates a healthier environment and avoids any stagnant patches which can cause poor water quality.

This carefully constructed pump is reliable with low energy consumption making it cost effective all year round. As it comes complete with a two year guarantee, you can rely on Evolution Aqua.

Pond Air pumps Benefits

Pond air pumps are a good way to improve the health of your pond water. They raise the oxygen levels which is good for animals (fish, amphibians inverts etc). They also drive out Co2 which can be a reason for increased algae/weed growth.

Increase oxygen levels can also benefit good bacteria and filtration.

Evolution Aqua Airtech Complete Kit pond air pump



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Evolution Aqua Airtech 70 (complete Kit), Evolution Aqua Airtech 75, Evolution Aqua Airtech 95, Evolution Aqua Airtech 130, Evolution Aqua Airtech 150

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