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Evolution Aqua Med Acriflavin


Evolution Aqua Med Acriflavin is an Anti-bacterial treatment for Koi. It is a powerful, active medication that works to treat a variety of pathogens such as fin, tail and mouth rot, mouth fungus, ulcers and bacteria in Koi Carp.

Common Symptoms Of Bacterial  Infection In Fish

Use acriflavine for fish when they appear to have large open sores or ulcers or any other form of bacterial issues.

koi wound treatment

Acriflavin Dosage Calculations

20ml dose per 1600 litres (352 gallons)
500ml treats 20,000 litres (4,399 gallons)
1 litre treats 2 x 20,000 litres (4,399 gallons)

In the event of over dosing a treatment carry out large water changes immediately, remember to use dechlorinator.   Carbon can also be used to remove treatments from the water.

Evolution Aqua Med Acriflavin Dosage Instructions

1. Calculate the pond’s volume using the following calculation: Length in metres x width in metres x average depth in metres x 1000 = Litres, divide by 4.54 for gallons.

(Click here for a pond volume calculator)

2. Shake bottle well.

3. Switch off UV bulbs until 7 days after the last dose. Remove all activated carbon and zeolite from filters.

4. Using the dosing cap provided, add 1 x 20ml dose per 1600 litres (352 gals) of pond water. Add the medication to a bucket of pond water and then distribute this evenly over the ponds surface. This is a dye based treatment therefore water discolouration will occur.

5. This is a two-dose treatment, the pond should be treated again three days later at roughly the same time.

6. If necessary, it is safe to repeat the course of treatment 7 days after the last dose is finished, following a 20% water change.

7. Check all water quality parameters as poor water quality is often a cause of illness.

NOTE: Do not dose during stormy or humid weather. Always aerate the pond well throughout treatment. Allow time to observe fish after dosing in case of the unlikely event of an adverse reaction. For use only with Koi Carp. Always wear protective gloves when handling chemicals. Do not use if water temperature is above 25°C.

Frequently asked questions

Why do you need to dose twice? Dosing is kinder on fish –

2 step dosing acclimates fish for higher active dose rate. Dose on day 1 and again on day 4. Some parts of illness lifecycles cannot be killed so active ingredients need to be high for a longer period to attack these parts when the vulnerable part comes around. White spot is a great example of this.

 How long do I need to wait before I can treat again?

You can repeat the dose, or treat the pond with an alternative treatment 7 days after the last dose has finished, following a 20% water change.

Do I need to switch of my UV?

Yes, the UV will weaken the strength of the treatment and make it less effective

Are eaMedications safe to use with Sturgeon, Tench or Orfe?


Should I add extra aeration?

Yes, always aerate the pond or treatment bath during use.

Can I mix medications?

Only Formaldehyde and Malachite green can be used together, wait 7 days after the final dose, and do a 20% water change before re-dosing, or treating with an alternative medication.

Acriflavine for wound treatment?

Yes it can prevent secondary infection.


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EA Med Acriflavin 500ml, EA Med Acriflavin 1000ml

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