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The Award Winning Evolution Aqua Pure Pond

Evolution Aqua Pure Pond consist of biodegradable balls crammed full of live bacteria and enzymes that when added to your pond filter get to work breaking down Ammonia and Nitrite whilst cleaning up organic waste.

The bacteria and enzymes are slowly released when they are needed most to address biological issues in the pond that are often the cause of poor clarity.

PURE POND balls work particularly well within the Nexus filtration system (available from us) helping to smooth out any peaks and troughs in the Ammonia / Nitrite cycle.

Simply add the balls into you biological chamber ideally held within a filter bag where they will agitate alongside the K1 Media or other bacteria media. When using pure pond balls as a maintenance product especially when added once a month into your filter the balls will help to maintain crystal clear and healthy water.

Please note pure pond is not intended to clear green water. An appropriate UV clarifier is recommended to clear green water.

Key information: Bacteria and enzymes delivered in gel-like balls maintains crystal clear and healthy water breaks down ammonia and nitrite cleans up organic waste reduces filter maintenance and cleaning ideal for use as a maintenance product suitable for use in all types of ponds add to filter for best results.

evolution aqua pure pond balls



Evolution Aqua Pure Pond Key Points

  • Bacteria and enzymes delivered in gel-like balls
  • Maintains crystal clear and healthy water
  • Breaks down ammonia and nitrite
  • Cleans up organic waste
  • Reduces filter maintenance and cleaning
  • Ideal for use as a maintenance product
  • Suitable for use in all types of ponds
  • Add to filter for best results
  • Available in 500ml, 1litre and 2 litre

How to use Evolutions Aqua Pure Pond

For best results add the pure pond balls into a filter bag and place in the biological section of your filter in an area of water flow.

  • 500ml of PURE POND will treat a pond up to 10,000 litres (2,200 UK Gallons).
  • 1 Litre of PURE POND will treat a pond up to 20,000 litres (4,400 UK Gallons).
  • 2 Litre of PURE POND will treat a pond up to 40,000 litres (8,800 UK Gallons).

You cannot overdose the pond with pure pond, however for ponds under 10,000 litres, we recommend using a proportionate quantity of balls for the size of your pond, ie 250ml for a 5,000 litre pond. Pure pond will work at its most efficient in pond temperatures above 12°C


Evolution Aqua Pure Pond Product Advice

PURE POND is a natural product therefore it is perfectly normal that the balls may vary in size, colour and opacity. None of this will affect the performance of the product.

PURE POND can be used in conjunction with a UV-Carifier.

PURE POND is not intended to clear green water. It is recommended that an appropriate UV-C should be used to eradicate green water.

Please wash your hands after use. Keep in a safe place out of the reach of children. If swallowed drink plenty of water.

Once opened, keep stored in a dry environment were it is not exposed to extreme conditions. Do not use after the expiry date.


Evolution Aqua Pure Bomb

Evolution Aqua Pure Bombea pure pond bomb

PURE Pond Bomb is a fast acting, concentrated version of the Award Winning PURE POND balls. PURE Pond Bomb is ideal for use in Koi ponds, ornamental ponds, self contained water features or ponds which do not have conventional filtration, to achieve crystal clear, healthy water.

Inside the PURE Pond Bomb there is a unique combination of friendly bacteria and enzymes, which get to work as soon as the Bomb hits the water to clean up organic waste and break down the ammonia and nitrite, leaving your pond crystal clear and healthy.

One PURE Pond Bomb is effective on ponds up to 20,000 litres. Simply drop the PURE Pond Bomb into your pond filter or directly into the water as and when necessary.

The bacteria and enzymes will react to clarity issues in your pond. You cannot overdose with the PURE Pond Bomb. When starting up a new filter, simply drop the PURE Pond Bomb into the biological stage of your filter. The high concentration of bacteria will help to remove the harmful ammonia and nitrite, allowing the filter media to mature.



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Evolution Aqua Pure Pond is an Award Winning bacterial product that helps to maintain crystal clear and healthy pond water.

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Pure aquarium balls not dissolving?

We are sometimes asked, why are my pure pond balls not dissolving? This in part is due to them breaking down as and when the bacteria and enzymes are being used. Therefor it is nothing to be concerned about and rest assure they are hard at work keeping your water clean!

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500ml, 1000ml, 2000ml, Pond Bomb

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