Fluorescent Neon/Toxic Green Cabbage Coral Frags Sinularia sp.

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Cultivated Green Cabbage Coral Frags

The Neon Green Cabbage Coral gains its name from the look of it as it grows as it resembles a cabbage leaf. It usually come ins a a brownish pink colour but this fluorescent green mph is like a whole new coral in appearance. Even under the standard lighting it’s neon colour is impressive. Add a but of blue and its up there with the most fluorescent of corals. These frags are approximately 1″ inch and are cultivated here at TankBred in the UK.

Cabbage corals is from the Sinularia family that includes are a variety of finger leather corals that are known to form large branching stalks. Some varieties of Sinularia however form cabbage-like shapes. They are a very hardy group of soft corals.

Out in the see you can find them throughout the Indo-Pacific – Islands of the Indo-Pacific including Fiji, Tonga, Solomon Islands, and the Great Barrier Reef.

Below are pictures of what your frag will grow into.

Green Cabbage Coral Care

Sinularia will periodically retract its polyps and form a waxy film. This shrunken state may last a couple weeks before the film is shed. There is nothing to worry about during this time it is a natural occurrence to help keep the surface of the coral clean. This is one of the reasons good moderate flow is important for this coral. They are not fussy when it comes to lighting and will do well in medium to high light even in a more shaded spot. Cabbage corals get most of their energy from light but will also feed on small food particles in the water.


Proper acclimation is important for all the animals you add to your aquarium. Take time to slowly acclimatise any new additions to the temperature and chemistry of you water by floating the bag in the aquarium and slowly adding your tank water to thee bag over 30-60 minutes.


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