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Large Air Stone Diffusers For Aquariums and Ponds

Creates a wall of air bubbles to decorate aerate and improve circulation in your aquarium. To install connect to tubing from the air pump and lay towards the rear of aquarium. The stone can be hidden from view using rocks or plants etc.

Large Air Stones help to create a decorative curtain of bubbles, helping to enhance your aquarium’s appearance while filling it with activity.

Air Stones also improve the aeration and circulation of aquarium water, helping to prevent the build-up of toxins. DO (dissolved oxygen) is extremely important in your aquarium and pond’s. If levels are too low fish can become lethargic or be seen gasping at the surface. It can eventually lead to death.

Having an air pump/stone for your aquarium or pond is always a great idea. They also offer back up incase your pump ever fails ensuring the water is kept moving. Good aeration also aids in good filtration as it helps the good bacteria grow.

They’re easy to install and can be connected to the tubing from the air pump. The stone can also be hidden from view using rocks or plants.

These  50mm  large air stones are made from high quality sintered ceramic. They are very durable and can be washed.

The shape of this airstone means that a curtain of bubbles is emitted. This not only looks lovely in the aquarium but also helps the aeration and circulation of the water. This stops the formation of any stagnant spots of water.

Ceramic Large Air Stone Diffuser At A Glance

  • Creates a decorative curtain of fine bubbles.
  • Connect to standard 4mm airline.
  • Improves aeration of aquarium water.
  • Improves circulation of water.
  • To install, simply connect to tubing from your air pump and lay towards rear of aquarium.
  • The stone can be hidden from view using rocks or plants etc.
Is your airstone not creating as many bubbles as when it was new? Consider swapping your old air stone for a new one as in time they can degrade.
Large Air Stone For Aquariums and Ponds 50mm

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