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When to use NT Labs Aquarium Anti-White Spot & Fungus?

White spot is a protozoan parasite; the adults live on the fish and appear as tiny white spots. The adult has a complex life cycle which results in hundreds of free-swimming juveniles looking for a host fish to infest.

Use NT Labs Aquarium Anti-White Spot & Fungus when small white spots, like grains of salt, can be seen scattered on the body of the fish, if the fish are showing signs of irritation and rubbing on objects in the aquarium, fish have a grey, velvety film all over the body, or fish have white cotton wool-like growths on their body/mouth/ fins.

How to use NT Labs Aquarium Anti-White Spot & Fungus?

  • Calculate the volume of your aquarium in litres (length x width x depth (in cm)/1000). Alternatively, use NT Dosage Calculator to help you.
  • Shake the bottle thoroughly before use.
  • Mix required dose of treatment with 1 litre of aquarium water. Add slowly to aquarium.

This product will colour the water green and will also stain skin and clothing. The colour in the aquarium will fade a few days after the course has finished. Water changes can be carried out after the colour has faded. Changing water between doses is not recommended, except in an emergency.

“Comprehensive and easy to use, I often like to have a couple of bottles of Anti-Internal Bacteria treatment or Disease Solve to hand. Nice to know that I’m not the only one who rates these products!” Nathan Hill, the Associate Editor of Practical Fishkeeping Magazine

Q: Is Anti-White Spot & Fungus a single-dose treatment?
 A: No, this product has been designed to be added in four doses every other day over the course of 7 days.
Q: How do I use the treatment? A: This is a 7-day course of treatment. Firstly, work out the dosage you’ll need to treat your aquarium, either from the bottle label or use our Dosage Calculator. Add this dose to the aquarium (following the instructions on the bottle label); this is day 1. Leave the aquarium until day 3. On day 3, add another dose (following the instructions on the bottle label). Repeat this dosage on day 5 and on day 7. After dosing on day 7, leave the product in for 7 days before performing a partial water change.  For example: if you have an aquarium of 200 litres, you will add a 10ml dose as instructed. On day 3 after adding this dosage, add another 10ml dose as instructed, and again on day 5, and again on day 7.
Q: How often can I repeat the treatment? A: After completing the 4th dose on the 7th day, leave the product in for 7 days before performing a partial water change. You can then repeat the treatment or use another medication as necessary.
Q: Will Anti-White Spot & Fungus affect my water quality test results? A: No, so long as the colour has faded from the water. This should happen within a few days of the final dose of the product being added.
Q: I have shrimps and snails in my aquarium. Can I still treat with Anti-White Spot & Fungus? A: Yes, the working concentration of the product is non-toxic to snails, shrimp and fish, etc.
Q: Is Aquarium Anti-White Spot & Fungus safe to use with clown loach at full dose? A: All of the medication in our Aquarium range are formulated with sensitive species in mind. There’s no need to use half doses, but if you think you have a particularly sensitive fish, you can always give the treatment as two halves given throughout the day.

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Active Ingredients: Malachite Green 140 mg/100 ml, Formaldehyde 800 mg/100 ml

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