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Salifert Calcium Test Kit

The Salifert Calcium Test Kits is undoubtably the easiest to use and most reliable calcium test kit on the market. It has stood the test or time and is better than ever now. Salifert is a well know and respected brand catering for your water chemistry testing needs.
Calcium is a major constituent of coralline algae, the skeletal material of hard corals and the skeletal needles of soft/leather corals. In many cases too low a calcium concentration retards coral and coralline algae growth. Calcium also fulfils many important biological functions.

Why use the TMC Salifert Calcium Test Kit?

In a healthy aquarium, the growth and multiplication of corals, calcareous algae and other organisms can result in calcium depletion. To maintain a stable environment it is important that the calcium content should not fluctuate by more than 15 mg/L from the optimum range of 420 – 450 mg/L so regular testing should be carried out. This means that any calcium test used should have an accuracy of significantly less than 15mg/L otherwise it will be difficult to monitor such fluctuations. The Salifert Calcium test kit measures in steps of 5 mg/L and has an accuracy of 10 mg/L.
The colour change is precise, detecting small but significant fluctuations in the concentration of calcium.The test is not affected by magnesium. The Kit is Sufficient for at least 50 tests.
There is a balance between KH and Calcium that you should strive to achieve with regular testing. Take a look at the ultimate reef calculator here.
Salifert Calcium Test Kit

Salifert Calcium Test Kit instructions

1. Add with 2 ml syringe 2 ml of water in the test vial. For a low resolution and more tests per kit add 1 ml instead of 2 ml.

2. Add 1 spoon of Ca-1 (low resolution approx. 1/2 spoon) do not swirl yet.

3. Add 8 drops of Ca-2 to the water in the test vial. and swirl gently for 10 seconds. For low resolution 4 instead of 8 drops.

4. Put the plastic tip firmly on the 1 ml syringe. And draw into the syringe the Ca-3 reagent (ensure that the end of the plastic tip is constantly submersed in the Ca-3 reagent) till the lower end of the black part of the pistion is exactly at the 1.00 ml mark. There will be air present just below the piston. This is the air which was present between the end of the plactic tip and the piston. This will not influence the test result.

5. Add dropwise with the 1 ml syringe the Ca-3 reagent to the water in the test tube. Swirl after each drop a second or two.

Continue with this until color changes from pink-red to a clear blue color.

6. Hold the syringe with the tip facing upward and read the position of the , now the upper end, of the black part of the piston. The syringe has graduations of 0.01 ml. Read the Calcium value from the table or calculate as follows.

ppm Ca = (1 – reading in step 6) x 500

If you have chosen for the lower resolution multiply the calculated result by 2.

Natural sea water contains 400 – 425 ppm calcium. Use salifert’s Coral Calcium for good results.

Calcium Table

Note: If you took 1.5 ml of water in step 1 then multiply the calcium values by 2!


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